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Otto's Chemical Lounge

Otto's Chemical Lounge - Trip Through Time

Garage D'Or #022 | $14.00 plus shipping
Career spanning anthology of Mpls' premier psychedelic pioneers. 20 Tracks. Studio recordings, rarites and live tracks. 1st Garage D'or Release in four years!! Limited to 300 copies. Including remastered and remixed versions of their first two vinyl releases. Remaster: First release on Reflex Records: The "Fire' EP" and Remix: The Spillover Album Fire tracks Produced By Bob Mould and Grant Hart. Spillover LP Produced by Terry Katzman,Grant Hart and Paul Osby, Fire features vocals from original Otto's member Tom Hazelmyer. Spillover features piano and vocals from Grant Hart. Also contains rare studio takes and scorching live tracks recorded with the current lineup.



Man Sized Action: Five Story Garage

Man Sized Action - Five Story Garage

Garage D'Or #021 | $15.00 plus shipping
Newly re-mastered, with some barn burning live material recorded not long after Five Story's initial release. Lauded by critic Jack Rabid and producer Steve Albini, Man Sized Action took the post punk scene to new heights. A gigantic step forward from Claustrophobia, Five Story features veteran producer Brian Paulson (Slint, Jayhawks) on second lead guitar giving this second effort a deeper more powerful feel. Fans of Joy Division, Buzzcocks and Wire will find something to rave about here! Recorded at the legendary Blackberry Way Studio in living stereo!!



Suburbs In Combo

The Suburbs - In Combo

The Suburbs In Combo | $15.00 plus shipping
The debut album from the group. Zany pop bursts of punk rock energy. Lots of fun and very different from the later more dance oriented material. Features the stage standards, Cows, Baby Heartbeat, and Goggles On.




Suburbs Credit in Heaven

The Suburbs - Credit in Heaven

The Suburbs - Credit in Heaven | $15.00 plus shipping
The breakthrough second album. A sprawling double disc of dance party music, gentle ballads and some all-out rockers. Their most diverse effort with many great tracks. Many are still in the band's set today. Features Dish it Up, Girlfriend and Tape Your Wife To The Ceiling.




Suburbs Love is the Law

The Suburbs - Love is the Law

The Suburbs - Love is the Law | $15.00 plus shipping
The important third album. After inking with Polygram the band unleashed their watershed album. Features Monster Man, Skin and the wildly popular title track that gave the group a new lease on life. Production by Steve Greenberg of Funkytown/ Lipps Inc. fame.




Suburbs, Si Sauvage

The Suburbs - Si Sauvage

The Suburbs - Si Sauvage | $15.00 plus shipping
The First new record in twenty-five years!! Si Sauvage has all the things you love about the Suburbs. Infectious dance grooves, great lyrics and some new writing angles from front men Beej Chaney and Chan Poling. First effort with re-vamped band featuring Steve Brantseg on guitar and Steve Price on bass. Features the runaway local hit "Turn The Radio On".





Garage D'Or #020 | $14.00 plus shipping
This band was the direct descendent of the Suicide Commandos, featuring Dave Ahl, Chris Osgood and new member Steve Fjelstad on bass. The album was recorded late in 1980 and early 1981 at the legendary Blackberry Way Studio in south Minneapolis. Produced by Fjelstad who was soon to produce both the Replacements and Husker Du. L7-3 were a more complex and brainy version of the Commandos with a twist. Lots of vocals and layered guitars with a unique approach to songwriting. The album contains 18 songs, all available here for the first time ever and lovingly re-mixed for this package by Terry Katzman and Tom Herbers. Here is a lengthy glimpse of a classic Minneapolis band who predated the college rock sound by a good two years. Lots of exciting notes, data and song lyrics.


suicide commandos KQRS concert 1976

Suicide Commandos -The Legendary KQRS Concert

Garage D'Or #019 | $15.00 plus shipping
A companion piece to The Dance Concert recording (see Garage D'Or #005) This concert was taped in 1976 at the historic Sound 80 recording studio. The session predates their Polygram album of 1977 and contains many originals and cover tunes. It is also the first documented performance of a Minneapolis band covering the Pistols Anarchy in the U.K.. The vocal prowess of Dave Chris and Steve is astonishing and the boys really kick it down for this once in a lifetime broadcast. Available in limited numbers for a short time. Get yours now while supplies last. Search and Destroy!



The Suburbs - High Fidelity Boys 1979

out of print

Garage D'Or #017
This is a live treat! Recorded live at Jay’s Longhorn, the Suburbs were contemporaries of the Suicide Commandos. Every bit as punk but more zany and unpredictable. These tracks were culled from three separate performances 1978-79 and feature the band at the height of creative energy. For those who are familiar with their later dance oriented material this stuff will come as a stone cold shocker. Features many songs that never made it on to their first records. Viva La Suburbs.




Kitten Compilation

Garage D'Or #003 | $8.00 plus shipping
The follow up to Barefoot. A sometimes searing, sometimes stumbling collection of bands recording two nights at the legendary Minneapolis hardcore heaven Goofy's Upper Deck, contains Soul Asylum, Husker Du. Sixty minutes of rock n' roll anarchy when the deck ruled. This full-fledged live document is the only reminder of local Minneapolis punk in its glorious unbridled heyday. Contains two bonus Husker Du tracks never available before anywhere! The Upper Deck was the stopping point for many early 80's icons (Minutemen, Social Distortion, Black Flag, Youth Brigade, Big Boys, Blah, Blah, Blah...) High energy and highly recommended. First time on CD 20 Year Anniversary issue - contains 2 Husker tracks not on original cassette. Produced by Terry Katzman and Bob Mould. Mixed by Brian Paulson.


barefoot and pregnant

Barefoot and Pregnant Compilation

Garage D'Or #002 | $12.00 plus shipping
The collection that started Reflex Records. Ripped from the punk rock scene circa 1982. A varied and exciting history lesson in vintage Replacements, Husker Du, Man Sized Action, Rifle Sport and the crème de la creme of early Twin Cities mayhem and melody. Sixty minute CD encompasses local work of In Decision, Tulsa Jacks, (supergroup with Chris Osgood and Bob Mould). Also contains 2 outtakes from the Husker Du In a Freeland session. Target and MIC A wild and wooly romp through punk history. Buy or Die! Good Sound, produced by Bob Mould, Terry Katzman, the Linehans.

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Terry Eason

Terry Eason - Sentimental Vanity

Garage D'Or #018 | $15.00 plus shipping
On "Sentimental Vanity" Terry Eason has managed quite a trick – he’s produced his most polished and yet rawest recording to date. This disc expands the easonic soundscape with the use of grand piano, string quartet and layers of vocal harmonies while continuing with his inventive guitar and master songcraft. Various influences pop up: you might hear Beatles, Kinks, Queen, Wilco, They Might Be Giants, Flaming Lips, Todd Rundgren, XTC, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Elton John or even Prince. His best effort yet.


The New Vintage

The New Vintage

THE NEW VINTAGE - Garage D'Or #016 | $10.00 plus shipping
Raw, unabashed rock from Minneapolis troubadors The New Vintage. As the title suggests, the band respects tradition and embraces the future. The band's guitar nucleus of Mike Nicolai and Grant Johnson have created an EXPLOSIVE package.  A mix of soft and tender ("Can't Wait", "Did He Ever") and hard and fast ("Gonna Be The One", "War on Brains"). A trip through Basic Rock 'n Roll Heaven. 10 songs of jubilant excitement. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers meet Johnny Thunder's Heartbreakers. Get on the New Vintage bandwagon.


The Summer People

The Summer People

THE SUMMER PEOPLE - Garage D'Or #015 | $10.00 plus shipping
Blurring and blasting the divisions between stoner, jam blues and punk, The Summer People leave all common classifications behind.




Mezzo Fist

Mezzo Fist

MEZZO FIST - Garage D'Or #014 | $10.00 plus shipping
Local Hard Rock Powerhouse Mezzo Fist's sound can be traced back to early Midwest legends Naked Raygun, Hüsker Dü and angry twisted eighties punk. No frills. Guests include Chris Osgood singing on his own "Mosquito Crucifixion", Billy Batson on "Talk Talk", and Dale T. Nelson on "Nashville Hammer".



The Summer People

The Summer People

Garage D'Or #013 | $10 plus shipping
The Summer People "Verge of a Breakdown". Our long-awaited followup to our debut CD!  Ten tracks of rocking mayhem.  Email us to order, or visit any Minneapolis indie music store to obtain a copy today!



The Blood Shot

The Blood Shot - Straight Up

Garage D'Or #012 | $12.00 plus shipping
Their second CD features 11 cuts and is sure  to blow your mind!   Much heavier than the previous effort yet still raw powered.




The Summer People

The Summer People

Garage D'Or #011| $8.00 plus shipping
A good rock-n-roll song make your troubles go away, strip away the inhibitions and just make you want to get down. The Summer People are about just that. They are a group of musicians from Minneapolis, Minnesota that have a lust for creating the most rocking, groovy hard rock this side of the Midwest. Saturated guitar tones teetering on all out fuzz, rumbling bass that hits you right in the chest, pummeling drums that snap with wild abandon, and insightful vocals belting out with passion for a world gone mad.


The Blood Shot

The Blood Shot

Garage D'Or #010| $8.00 plus shipping
The Blood Shot was born of fire. The fire known as rock and roll. Worshippers at the altar of all things Thin Lizzy they are. Do you know what it's like to have your soul shaken? The Blood Shot legacy was born of necessity and is fueled by disgust. The "Brotherhood of No Shame" is on the prowl looking for children to spoil and prepared to lay waste to all those in way. The band's sound is gritty and raw as it is hard and heavy. They dig their Maiden as much as their Yardbirds, you see. Humble Pie ala mode.


Howlin Andy Hound

Howlin' Andy Hound

Garage D'Or #007 | $8.00 plus shipping
Yardbirds on Biker Speed. Our latest offering, an amalgam of American punk, British psychedelia and some Sabbath for good measure.Voted one of the ten best local lps by Minneapolis Star Tribune and City Pages -2001-. Specially priced-a barnburner from start to finish. Last recording done at the legendary Garage D'Or retail outlet. A must have scorcher, an explosive package of psychedelia, blues wail and primal garage rock.


suicide commandos commit suicide

Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert

out of print

Garage D'Or #005
75 minute CD extravaganza from the godfathers of Minneapolis punk. A blistering no holds barred bone-jarring document of sheer greatness recorded live at the legendary Longhorn in Minneapolis. This expanded edition is almost twice the length of the original LP. A perfect complement to the band's groundbreaking "Make a Record" LP. Formed in 1975 - The Suicide Commandos were among the first Minneapolis bands to blaze a punk rock path to glory.. With influences as diverse as Alex Harvey, The James Gang, Roxy Music and a smart yet humorous delivery. Recorded November 1978. Relive the last night of perhaps Minneapolis' most classic band The Suicide Commandos. Original release on Twin Tone.



All Over Your Town

Baby Grant Johnson - All Over Your Town

Garage D'Or #004 | $12.00 plus shipping
The sophomore effort from the Baby. This time in a real studio, Baby displays his guitar picking and singing kicked up another level. Down home originals mixed with blues, rags, and some hollers. Grant continues the fine tradition begun on the debut. A supremely polished yet rustic effort.



A Lonesome Road

Baby Grant Johnson - A Lonesome Road

Garage D'Or #001 | $12.00 plus shipping
The first release of Garage D’Or Records! Recorded after hours at Garage D’Or Records in 1997 Baby interprets blues classics, country and ragtime all doused with his distinctive style. There’s also a handful of self-penned originals that swagger with authority. 14 songs of classic blues ambience.


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