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Suburbs In Combo

The Suburbs - In Combo

The Suburbs In Combo | $15.00 postage-paid





Suburbs Credit in Heaven

The Suburbs - Credit in Heaven

The Suburbs - Credit in Heaven | $15.00 postage-paid





Suburbs Love is the Law

The Suburbs - Love is the Law

The Suburbs - Love is the Law | $15.00 postage-paid








Garage D'or #020 | $14.00 postage-paid
This band was the direct descendent of the Suicide Commandos, featuring Dave Ahl, Chris Osgood and new member Steve Fjelstad on bass. The album was recorded late in 1980 and early 1981 at the legendary Blackberry Way Studio in south Minneapolis. Produced by Fjelstad who was soon to produce both the Replacements and Husker Du. L7-3 were a more complex and brainy version of the Commandos with a twist. Lots of vocals and layered guitars with a unique approach to songwriting. The album contains 18 songs, all available here for the first time ever and lovingly re-mixed for this package by Terry Katzman and Tom Herbers. Here is a lengthy glimpse of a classic Minneapolis band who predated the college rock sound by a good two years. Lots of exciting notes, data and song lyrics.



suicide commandos KQRS concert 1976

Suicide Commandos -The Legendary KQRS Concert

Garage D'or #019 | $15.00 postage-paid
A companion piece to The Dance Concert recording (see Garage D'or #005) This concert was taped in 1976 at the historic Sound 80 recording studio. The session predates their Polygram album of 1977 and contains many originals and cover tunes. It is also the first documented performance of a Minneapolis band covering the Pistols Anarchy in the U.K.. The vocal prowess of Dave Chris and Steve is astonishing and the boys really kick it down for this once in a lifetime broadcast. Available in limited numbers for a short time. Get yours now while supplies last. Search and Destroy!


suicide commandos commit suicide

Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert

Garage D'or #005 | $12.00 postage-paid
75 minute CD extravaganza from the godfathers of Minneapolis punk. A blistering no holds barred bone-jarring document of sheer greatness recorded live at the legendary Longhorn in Minneapolis. This expanded edition is almost twice the length of the original LP. A perfect complement to the band's groundbreaking "Make a Record" LP. Formed in 1975 - The Suicide Commandos were among the first Minneapolis bands to blaze a punk rock path to glory.. With influences as diverse as Alex Harvey, The James Gang, Roxy Music and a smart yet humorous delivery. Recorded November l978. Relive the last night of perhaps Minneapolis' most classic band The Suicide Commandos. Original release on Twin Tone.




The Suburbs - High Fidelity Boys 1979

Garage D'or #017 | $15.00 postage-paid
This is a live treat! Recorded live at Jay’s Longhorn, the Suburbs were contemporaries of the Suicide Commandos. Every bit as punk but more zany and unpredictable. These tracks were culled from three separate performances 1978-79 and feature the band at the height of creative energy. For those who are familiar with their later dance oriented material this stuff will come as a stone cold shocker. Features many songs that never made it on to their first records. Viva La Suburbs.



Kitten Compilation

Garage D'or #003 | $8.00 postage-paid
The follow up to Barefoot. A sometimes searing, sometimes stumbling collection of bands recording two nights at the legendary Minneapolis hardcore heaven Goofy's Upper Deck, contains Soul Asylum, Husker Du. Sixty minutes of rock n' roll anarchy when the deck ruled. This full-fledged live document is the only reminder of local Minneapolis punk in its glorious unbridled heyday. Contains two bonus Husker Du tracks never available before anywhere! The Upper Deck was the stopping point for many early 80's icons (Minutemen, Social Distortion, Black Flag, Youth Brigade, Big Boys, Blah, Blah, Blah...) High energy and highly recommended. First time on CD 20 Year Anniversary issue - contains 2 Husker tracks not on original cassette. Produced by Terry Katzman and Bob Mould. Mixed by Brian Paulson.


barefoot and pregnant

Barefoot and Pregnant Compilation

Garage D'or #002 | $12.00 postage-paid
The collection that started Reflex Records. Ripped from the punk rock scene circa 1982. A varied and exciting history lesson in vintage Replacements, Husker Du, Man Sized Action, Rifle Sport and the crème de la creme of early Twin Cities mayhem and melody. Sixty minute CD encompasses local work of In Decision, Tulsa Jacks, (supergroup with Chris Osgood and Bob Mould). Also contains 2 outtakes from the Husker Du In a Freeland session. Target and MIC A wild and wooly romp through punk history. Buy or Die! Good Sound, produced by Bob Mould, Terry Katzman, the Linehans.




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